Concept and Philosophy

In summer 2007 a new label with a clear idea was born: “We do not intend to serve the mass market with our collections; ML wants to be rather exceptional, more personal, and very precious to their owners. You should know that our artistic concept aims at doing more than simply producing stylish clothes!”

Mathori London (ML) collaborates with UK-based fashion designers and contemporary artists from around the globe. They are invited to pursue Mathori London’s visions by creating collections of menswear that brings together finest garments and a wide range of accessories, manufactured with some of the best traditional fabrics such as cashmere, mohair, silk and wool, combined to produce a contemporary, smart, casual and urban look.

Drawing its main inspiration from clothing typically associated with forms of cultural resistance that may be regarded as anti-social and subversive, the philosophy of Mathori London is highly distinctive in its revision of clothing. ML’s wears are supposed to be understood as an autonomous rule of life, yet fulfilling subjective desires of fashion conscious men and enhancing their appearance. The label is not interested in promoting the “what-law-did-I-break-now” kind of social behaviour but points to something which the French bohemian poet Arthur Rimbaud might have meant by saying: “I steeled myself against justice.” (A Season In Hell, 1873)